A bit more About Us

BDRPC is a member’s only shooting club located in beautiful North Somerset. We are owned by its members, and run by a democratic and elected committee. There are four trustees who represent the club legally as we are an unincorporated club. The club boasts one of the best facilities in the country; two ranges one 20 metre 8 firing points, and a 50m/25m 19 firing point. Both ranges are subject to a range envelope of 2150 fps; and we have max calibre limits. Full Members may shoot from 10:00 until dusk all year round (except Christmas Day!), unfortunately there is not clay shooting anymore due to legislation. We have turning targets and enclosed firing points. Due to obvious security concerns no firearms or ammunition or valuables are ever left unattended or left behind at our clubs ranges......a further cctv system also gives the members added security and peice of mind...

We were a prominent pistol club before the 1997 reclassification of pistols. The club and its numbers suffered at this time as did many other clubs, but the emergence of the gallery rifle discipline and interest in historic firearms and other disciplines brought BDRPC out of its dormancy and restored our numbers and club spirit back to a good level. We now see many disciplines of shooting at BDRPC. Shooting is a sport that both men and women, boys and girls, can compete on with an equal footing. We have many competitions that we run over the course of the year. Some are fun based, some are very hard precision based; some are against the clock, and some are actual international competitions run under those rules; there is something for everyone. We have an arrangement with a friendly local full bore rifle club, which allows our members to shoot full-bore rifles at the MoD ranges it hires.

We take safety very seriously but not to the point of oppression or detriment of the sport or our members, in fact our members all act as safety officers, taking their turns, and as such we have never had a serious injury or worse at BDRPC; we boast an NRA approved training system for new members and have dedicated volunteers who supervise the training/instruction being given. Our members are 99% firearms owners with a few family members not being firearms  owners if successful at membership a new member would be expected to provide their own firearms once joined.


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